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I have always been a fan of tea and all of the interesting varieties it comes in. Here is a AHMAD TEA multi-pack that i have recently received as a gift from London. I happen to have a knack for miniaturized objects and therefore particularly love how this box contains six individually wrapped classic flavors . They are absolutely perfect to enjoy during these cold winter nights where all you want to do is snuggle under the covers!

Here are the varieties contained in this pack:

Ceylon Tea, English Breakfast, Darjeeling Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Earl Grey Tea, English Tea n.1


My personal favorite is the Jasmine flavored green tea, it has an amazingly delicate taste to it and really does it for me. Also, green tea is very well known for working miracles for both your skin and body. Here are a couple of benefits of this easy natural treat:

– Acts as an antioxidant thanks to the flavonoids it contains, fighting free radicals and preventing premature aging as well as skin damages as a result. Get ready for that special glow!

– Helps prevent the buildup of harmful cholesterol.

– Favors the speeding up and boosting of your metabolism.

– Helps soothe and reduce skin inflammations and issues of the epidermis, restoring the natural equilibrium of the skin.

– If used to rinse your scalp, it works wonders on your roots and visibly fortifies hair .

Here is another kind of tea I absolutely love: PEPPERMINT tea!!! I could just go on drinking it forever during winter and I take mine unsweetened to really savor the herbal flavor. Although I like the version that Twinings offers, there are other ones I also enjoy so if you feel like trying some, any brand will do!

peppermint tea 2 Peppermint-Tea


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