So, as you will learn to know very soon…I have a clinical addiction to pretty much any kind of sweet, with a distinct preference for anything involving (but not limited to): milk chocolate, caramel, peppermint, soft consistencies, marshmallow, fresh fruit (especially raspberry) and yoghurt. Often times I am extremely lucky and I get a chance to taste something which combines more than one of my “to die for” ingredients, as is the case of the amazing French MACARONS.

I am sure most of you know these little pieces of heaven, (at least from some romantic chick-flick scene where the guy presents his girl with some in order to gain forgiveness, if not because you have tasted them firsthand!).

What I adore about these treats is the contrast between the crispy outside and the deliciously yet delicate creamy filling. There are many different flavors so you can really try out a few and see which one you like best! (needless to say I am in love with the raspberry and caramel variety). I also love to bake and sooner or later I will give these a try and let you know what comes out!

Of course there are many different brands producing the French delicacy, some more known than others. One which I particularly love, not only due to the high quality of the macarons but also the the entire brand image and symbolism they transmit through each perfectly packaged box, is Ladurée. The Parisian Maison was founded in 1862 and has been serving delicious sweets and a whole lot of tradition, ever since.

For further information make sure you visit: www.laduree.com 

Here are a few snaps to get you in a sweet mood

macarons 6

Macarons-3macarons 2

macarons 1

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