I LOVE HOLIDAYS. There, I said it. No matter what is going on in my life, I always cheer up whenever the holidays begin.

Tomorrow is of course Halloween and I’ve always particularly enjoyed the energy this holiday brings. As a child, I moved to New York from Italy in the beginning of September, just in time for the start of school and at the time I had absolutely no idea what Halloween was, so imagine my utter surprise when October 31st came around.

Like some other countries, Italy celebrates a “Carnival” festivity at the beginning of spring, but it is really quite different from Halloween. People dress up but it is a very cheerful tradition and in no way similar to the themes underlying Halloween.

So what is there to love about Halloween? there is something deeply intriguing about this way of exploring the world of death and trying to somewhat make a connection with it and integrate it as part of our lives. Of course all of the festive traditions it has evolved into, are something to look forward to as well…but I have always found something really profound in the nature of this holiday.

Let’s get to the fun stuff! Here is a list of my favorite things about Halloween:

– Haunted houses

– Dressing up

– Spending hours on perfecting your costume and makeup as if it were an art piece to be displayed next to Da Vinci’s Monna Lisa (spelled the Italian way, as opposed to Mona Lisa which is the English way)

– Creating gruesome treats to decorate your Halloween table and just overall decorating the house

– Pumpkin Carving

Here is a pumpkin I carved out:


Last but not least, Halloween is about channeling someone else the best way you can…for one night. Being that I love to act, this is definitely a factor that makes me enjoy this day even more. There is also a certain freedom and liberating sensation that comes with that!

Here are a few inspiring Halloween creations I have found online and I hope you can gather some interesting ideas!

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