I have been seeing these clutches a lot recently, so I thought I would write a little description for them. They are available at (price $100.00) and are quite customizable so you can even have your name on the top hinges if you leave your personal details on their website.

ysl clutch

This particular kind sports the phrase “AINT LAURENT WITHOUT YVES”, with the exact same fonts of the famous French couturier, in response to the recent brand repositioning that Yves Saint Laurent has been undergoing.

The brand has presented the world with its new and more modern feel, dropping “Yves” and becoming simply “SAINT LAURENT PARIS”. The now somewhat urban and minimalistic font (Helvetica) also reflects the transition yet I can’t help but think that something is missing. Although the Saint Laurent collections are still incredible, it feels like a little piece of magic, history and heritage has gone missing alongside that italicized “Yves”.

Here are the two logos so that you may compare them:

ysl logo 1 ysl logo 2Of course being that Mr. Saint Laurent is no longer around, the current creative director felt that in order to truly give the brand a new and freshened up direction, it was best to part with the designer’s first name.

This is not to say that the brand is denying its history and spokespeople for Saint Laurent have expressed that the new name refers to one of the best and most revolutionary moments for the fashion house when, in 1966, it put up one hell of a show at Paris Fashion week and signed it as Saint Laurent Rive Gauche.

This very well may be the case, however like I said, I somewhat agree with the message reported on these clear clutches…it just doesn’t feel quite right!

What are your thoughts on the rebranding effort?

Here is a snap of Mr. Saint Laurent with his collection being presented under the name SAINT LAURENT RIVE GAUCHE

YSL RIVE GAUCHEAnd here is the designer during one of his latest appearances, with one of his timeless and classic looks. 

yves saint laurent

For more details and available models, visit

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