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Today I wanted to share with you a review of a product that has been sparking quite the buzz for some time, in the never-ending quest for clear and smooth skin: GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD TINGLEXFOLIATE TREATMENT.

Despite the seemingly complicated name, what this product is actually pretty simple and may be summarized in two words: regenerated skin. The product has often been referred to as a “facial in a jar” by professionals in the industry, so I wanted to try it out for myself.

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This was the first time I tried the product and I actually have very sensitive skin which means that I can’t use products that are excessively aggressive because they will actually cause harm to my skin rather than the desired purifying/exfoliating action. Due to this, I was a little skeptical about the GlamGlow treatment and worried it would be too harsh for my skin type.¬†Nonetheless, being the cosmetics junkie that I am, I decided to try it (purchased it at Sephora for 49.90 euros – prices may vary) and the results were highly satisfactory.

Applying the product is very simple: all you need to do is throughly cleanse your face (eliminating any makeup residue) and apply a very THIN layer of the GlamGlow treatment (you can soften it by stirring it with your finger before applying). It is a highly effective product so putting on an excessive amount is simply a waste and will not yield better results.

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Once you have covered your entire face (being extra careful to leave out a wide gap around your eye area which is too sensitive to apply the mud), leave the product to try (dries very quickly, within 1 minute usually). Once dried, leave on for approximately 10 minutes in order to obtain optimal detoxification and exfoliation. It is absolutely normal to feel your skin slightly tightening as the mask dries, as well as a mild tingling sensation as a result of the active ingredients it contains.

Rinse off with warm water or – better yet – remove with a small towel soaked in warm water. Voila! you are one step closer to achieving your dream skin and you should be feeling soft, soothed, glowing, radiant purified skin right after the first application! You can repeat the procedure twice a week as the product does not cause over-drying of the skin.

Here are the main ingredients contained in the product:

volcanic rock, French sea clay (how fancy) and active green tea leaves (you can actually spot some bits of the leaves within the product…totally normal!!!).

What I really love about this product is its ability to actively clean out pores and exfoliate the skin, without removing the essential oils it contains or stressing your skin barrier too much.

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There are other products in the GlamGlow family which I have yet to try, but might consider for a future review:


This is actually the priciest option offered by GlamGlow and is not available in retailers such as Sephora at the moment, but only on the official website. It is a product designed specifically for professional use (spas, entertainment industry etc), hence the price. if you do choose to purchase it, know that the tube should last for approximately 50 facials so it might be worth the investment.

Price on 279$

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This treatment is designed for acne-prone skin or simply skin with a high level of recurring impurities/clogged pores and is more centered around a purification process as opposed to making your skin appear particularly radiant and youthful. I have heard a lot of mixed opinions with regards to this product, so I am looking forward to testing it!

Price on 69$

Product designed to deliver the necessary nutrients to the sensitive under eye area, get rid of toxins, reduce appearance of dark circles and fine lines, improve overall aspect and fight fatigue. This is also something I might be interested in trying, not so much for its anti-age properties but rather for the nourishing ones!

Price on 69$. this item is actually not sold in the Sephoras I have visited, but to learn which retailers carry it you can visit for more information! 

glamglow 1To know more about GLAMGLOW products, make sure you visit

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