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Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands to wear and of course I love their renown NAKED palettes. I find that they provide you with everything necessary for a 24 hour look, with colors you can wear from breakfast all the way to the wee hours at an after party!!!

As you certainly know Urban decay currently has 2 main large eyeshadow palettes: NAKED 1 and NAKED 2, as well as a smaller one with 6 colors, called NAKED BASICS. But here is the exciting bit: NAKED 3 is on its way and I cannot wait for the launch!!! The UB website (www.urbandecay.com) is keeping us all on the wait with this teaser image:

naked 3

There have been some seemingly leaked images of what the palette is  going to look like (supposedly the product has been spotted, completely unannounced, at a French Sephora). From the pics the hues in the palette seem to be very delicate often tending to a pink coloration  as well as an abundance of  golden/bronzed highlighter colors. If this were to be the final version of the product, i am not sure that I would like to purchase it as I don’t usually do so many looks with rosy tints but it is definitely something I’ll think about. After all, can you ever really stop going naked? So what’s your take on this, like or dislike?

Photo Credits for the Naked 3 palette: www.natacha-birds.fr

naked 8 naked 9

naked 10 naked 11

Here is a mini-review of the currently existing NAKED palettes:

The NAKED BASICS palette, as the name suggests, has some of the most used and simple colors which will adjust to any look and truly make up the basics of the most popular makeup styles. Most of the shades are completely matt and therefore can easily be worn during the day, although it wouldn’t be Urban Decay without a little shimmer, which is included in the colors Venus and Foxy! Overall I would say this palette is amazing for anyone who enjoys creating different looks but doesn’t particularly like a more dramatic and flashy feel to them.

naked 5

The NAKED 1 palette is my personal FAVORITE, although it quite similar to Naked 2 so you’ve gotta love both!! First off, this gorgeous palette comes in a sexy dark velvet case with a magnetic closure, a brush (used to come with a double-tipped pencil liner), a travel-size eyeshadow primer potion (the original formula) and a decent-sized mirror on the inside and contains 12 gorgeous neutral shadows which are so much fun to explore. The different shades pretty much cover most of the colors you would need for looks that are perfect from day to night and range from delicate champagne-colored ones to darker ones perfect for smokey sultry eyes! The textures are equally adaptable to the occasion, with matte being better for the day and shimmer and glitter being just the thing to spice up your look. Last but not least, the names of the shades are amazing and can make you feel edgier just by opening up your palette! This is one of the things I love from Urban Decay – their brand strategy and the way they project the concept of beauty as a tool for empowerment!

naked 4

naked 6

The NAKED 2 palette is actually quite similar to the Naked 1 to some extents and all of the people I know are always quite undecided as to which one to purchase. As far as the external appearance is concerned, this palette comes in a pretty elegant tin-like case with a brush, a travel-size lipgloss and a mirror which is considerably larger than the one in Naked 1 – definitely a plus! It contains 12 neutral colors which are slightly different from the ones in Naked 1 and are actually a little cooler. There is one color which overlaps (Half Baked) in the two palettes, most likely due to its success and the fact that you can literally use it on any look to add a little sparkle! Overall both the Naked 1 and Naked 2 palettes are quite fit for anyone I find, regardless of skin tone and eye color (although I do think Naked 2 is slightly more useful if trying to create the smokey eye often).

naked 2For more information on all Urban Decay products, visit www.urbandecay.com 


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