Here is an amazing place that one of my close friends Stefano kindly talked to me about, where people can go and quench their creative thirst over some delicious food!!! this sounds like the perfect way to unwind after a particularly boring, monotonous day and revive your senses.

ristorante arte 1

The place is called PRAKOWNIA which is Polish for workshop or space to unleash your creativity and was designed by the well respected Karina Wiciak. The venue is part of a 12 piece collection by her design studio Wamhouse, of bars and restaurants, each of which is inspired by a different artistic theme and designed to represent it.

Prakownia was designed to look like a blank canvass, filled with artistic energy and bits of color scattered all over the place. the furniture is predominantly white to resemble a canvass while bright spots of color can be seen almost everywhere, from the tables to the walls, the bathrooms and even the ceiling!

To give the ambient further authenticity, the furniture was designed to evoke the shape of different art supplies such as large paint buckets for the tables and oversized brushes as supporting columns. Overall, this restaurant has a very modern and sleek look to it despite the pop-art inspiration, with very clean steel finishes and a bright illumination system.

how’s that for something a little out of the ordinary? I would definitely like to try this place for dinner! what are your thoughts about it?

ristorante arte 2 ristorante arte 3 ristorante arte 4 ristorante arte 5

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