Hi dolls!

This one’s for all of my gorgeous ladies out there, as an inspiration to always wear a little something special. Wear it for yourselves, first and foremost…and for some lucky person, if they behave 😉

Here is a sneak peek at the recently unveiled Agent Provocateur Christmas Dolls for this year, with incredibly sexy looks fit for every personality. Although I am not a huge fan of the champagne-tinted outfit, I am absolutely in love with both the black and coral ensembles!

ap 1


The collection was exposed in a very original manner, truthful to the brand’s feel of female sexual empowerment and enhancement of femininity. In fact, AP decided to expose the newly designed pieces in  high-end London private member’s club Grace Belgravia…except this club is for women only!!! this is the first venue of its kind in London and I really liked this idea for the launch!



Agent Provocateur is one of my favorite lingerie brands because I feel it really does capture old style glamour while encompassing it into the modern lives of women. Whenever I walk into one of their boutiques I love looking at the beautifully thought out details that adorn each model, ranging from the more basic pieces to the full on sexy!

Of course some of their pieces are quite particular and can be perceived as excessively racy by some, however I find there is something fit for everyone’s taste. I also appreciate the way their stores are laid out to look like very intimate and private environments with boudoirs, perfume counters and black moquette floors.

Here is a snap of a boutique here in Milan!


Lastly, here are a couple of quick shots from the new collections which I actually took at their London boutique close to where the collection inauguration took place! You can see my favorite black outfit and the artistic way the mannequins were made to look like automated dolls (kind of like the ballet dancers you used to see in carillons and dream about as a little girl!)


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