I know I have already mentioned to you guys that I am insatiably obsessed by tea and the myriad of varieties and shapes it comes in, but here is another kinds I absolutely could not avoid sharing!

Chai flavored tea is something I have literally grown up with seen as how it is rooted in Indian tradition but it quickly spread to East Africa and was adopted as a Somali tradition as well. It is one of the very few elements from Somalia that I have incorporated into my everyday life and as a kid I would occasionally watch my mom or other relatives gather the natural ingredients necessary to prepare this delicious beverage. I have always been a fan of cinnamon and spice in general so it will not come as a surprise that Chai tea is something I really appreciate! The original “formula” contains cinnamon, ginger, cardamom seeds, anise and a hint of pepper.

chai 3

As I grew up (right around the time I moved to NY) I was surprised to see that the rest of the world had begun to not notice Chai tea as well, but to commercialize it as a tasty alternative to coffee (which btw I do not drink so tea is my drug of choice :)). In particular I remember Starbucks offering their now ever-so-famous Chai Tea Latte and a lot of category leaders following suit due to the beverage’s success!

Ever since, especially in the winter, Chai tea is definitely on my “favorite treats” list and I think it makes the perfect holiday drink for all family members…be they big or small!

Unfortunately, Milan does not offer Chai tea in any way shape or form (I have desperately sought it but never found it!) so I either make some from scratch (a little bit of a hassle) or enjoy stocking up on packaged varieties when I travel. This week I will be staying in London so I have a perfect occasion to pick some of these babies up and enjoy them while it is freezing outside!

Right now I am pretty pleased with the Twinings Chai tea although I am quite sure that other brands may have equally good selections that they offer, so this is just an example but feel free to select your favorite!!!

For an extra special treat, add some milk and a sprinkle of both vanilla and cinnamon…you won’t regret it!!!


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