Hey loves! if you love to travel and like life on the water, take a look at this fascinating floating home! I just came across these snapshots of this architectural wonder, by designed Dymitr Malcew. He designed this mobile home in order to allow for a stunning and unobstructed panoramic view from virtually anywhere in the house! Technically speaking, this baby can be docked with fair ease at a pier or marina essentially anywhere, allowing you to move around from one wonderful place to the next like a true adventurer.

floating house 2

Although I do think this house features a remarkable design and definitely adds the concept of luxury to something that was previously regarded as more practical than anything, I don’t think I would enjoy life in this mobile floating home in the long term. I would definitely love it as a vacation hangout for a couple of weeks, but over time I would probably get a little tired of the whole “fish bowl” effect. While I would not make it my permanent residence like I said, I thought it was a really cool concept and hopefully we will be seeing more of these designs as an alternative to homes on dry land!

Take a look at these stunning photographs and let me know what you think! would YOU live in a house like this, if you had the chance?

floating house 1 floating house 3 floating house 4 floating house 5

If you are dying to know more about the concept and idea behind this little floating piece of heaven, here is where you can have a look: http://malcew.com/Floating-House-1


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