Sooo despite being quite the feminine lady, I do have a weak spot for motors – cars in particular…always have always will!

The new FORD MUSTANG was introduced to the world and its fans on December 5th, with Ford releasing tons of details on what this baby will look, perform and feel like!

ford mustang 2

This is the 6th generation of the notorious sports vehicle and its introduction comes just a few months shy of its 50th anniversary.

The Ford Mustang was the first iconic sports car to be marketed as fairly affordable for the everyday man, without losing any edge or power. Needless to say, it is one of the best toys in town if you’re looking for some fun!

Take a look at this wild one’s fiery appearance, combining its signature “pony car” attributes with some newfound attitude!

ford mustang 6 ford mustang 5 ford mustang 4 ford mustang 3 ford mustang 1


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