Hi darlingssss!!!!

So i took a little trip to Paris a short while ago and have been dying to share with you some of the pictures I took. I chose to take a lot of them in black and white because I was feeling especially romantic and mushy on this trip. Plus, with the holiday atmosphere and all, it just felt right!

paris 1

As mentioned in a previous post, I adore macarons in general and simply cannot resist the ones from Ladurée because they are so yummmyyyy. So this time around, I actually went to visit the renown patisserie…needless to say I ended up eating half my body weight in sweets but it was definitely worth it!

Also, the atmosphere they have created at their  Champs-Élysées is simply magical and has that old glamour touch to it which I love!

paris 32 paris 31

On top of that I visited so so so many beautiful places and even got an early Christmas gift since I’ve always loved bags and am really warming up to leopard prints lately 😉

paris 17

Well I hope you enjoy the many pics I took! I went a little crazy between the Louvre, the fashion, the food, the Eiffel tower and all and my trusty iPhone was there to capture it all! Despite having been there often, the city of lights ALWAYS gets me! I feel like no matter how many times you go, you never get quite used to that greatness and sparkle :)

paris 2 paris 3 paris 4 paris 5 paris 6 paris 7 paris 9 paris 11 paris 12 paris 13 paris 14 paris 15 paris 16 paris 18 paris 19 paris 20 paris 21 paris 22 paris 23 paris 24 paris 25 paris 26 paris 27 paris 28 paris 29 paris 30 paris 33 paris 34 paris 35 paris 36 paris 37 paris 38 paris 39 paris 40 paris 41 paris 42 paris 43 paris 44 paris 45 paris 46 paris 47 paris 48

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