Jungle Junkies, time to share yet another beauty tip only this one is twice as good because it so YUMMMYYY. Yup, one of those very rare instances where something that actually tastes good (to me) is really good for your body and skin!

Skincare is quite simply, one of my weaknesses – there I said it! no matter how hard I try, I can’t walk into any cosmetics shop and not look for some new product to improve skin texture or, better yet, some natural oil with amazing properties. I just love the fact that we can improve our skin and take care of it, with both fancy products and basic, natural and inexpensive ones as well!

Speaking of natural products, today’s star is a yummy fruit: dates! Personally I absolutely love the way they taste and can gladly eat a couple (or a dozen) any day, especially knowing they are good for my skin!!! Of course there are many varieties and they pretty much come in all shapes and sizes (and shades, arguably) so each of you may have a preferred kind (I love the lighter and soft kind for instance and Khudary dates, but really I pretty much enjoy most types!). Whichever you like best, know that it is a GOOD idea to eat some regularly, granted that you have no particular need which requires you to completely avoid sugary foods.

dates 2

dates 3 dates


1. Dry dates are essentially the Narnia of vitamins, and contain the following: A, C, E, K, B2, B6, as well as niacin and thiamin, all of which are very beneficial for when it comes to the correct functioning of our bodies and our wellbeing!

2. Time to mineralizeeeee! yup, dates contain the following vital minerals: iron (regulates blood cells and supply oxygen flows through our bodies), potassium, selenium, magnesium, phosphorous and copper. This makes the tasty fruit quite the all-in-one treat and is especially great for us ladies, who often have issues with non-sufficient iron (anaemia) or potassium levels!

3. Calcium: give your teeth and bones a little boost! despite claims that calcium is not as easily absorbed once you are all grown up, it still helps to assimilate it in order to be better prepared for things like osteoporosis.

4. Amazing energy booster and helps to build muscle strength (especially the heart muscles)


1. The vitamin B5 it contains (aka pantothenic acid) is extremely good at countering the damage procured by free radicals and acts as a powerful antioxidant! This property helps in keeping your skin natural, healthy and firm!

2. The vitamin A in dates is a superb ally in the renewal of our skin cells and helps get rid of the superficial and dead skin cells, favoring oxygen circulation and overall skin health. Skin is glowing and brighter as a result of this!

3. Generally nourishes and improves skin texture because of the nutrients it contains. Regular consumption of the fruit will allow you to have a much more even skin tone!

There you have it loves, plenty of reasons to enjoy these sweet treats without feeling too guilty! Know that they are “good” calories so if you feel a little low on sugar, they are always an excellent option to go for!

ONE LAST TIP: if you have some guests over and want to prepare a quick, healthy and easy treat here is what you can do:

– Remove the pit from a handful of your favorite date variety

– Slice the dates through the middle so as to create a little “pocket”

– Fill up the pocket with some of your favorite things, such as: almonds, little bits of orange peel or any variety of caramelized fruit! and if you really feel like pigging out, you can even dip them in chocolate!

Here are  a few examples of what your results should look like:

dates 4 dates 5 dates 6



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