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So here is a little something I recently came across and thought you might enjoy. It is Virgin America’s latest marketing stunt and I must say I thought it was quite brilliant, considering the dramatically “un-interesting” nature of the topic being advertised.

The video clip features a whole new twist on…..IN-FLIGHT SAFETY RULES! Told you it was not that exciting of a topic, which makes it all the more difficult to make it relevant to people. Plus, many frequent flyers feel like they have no need to pay attention to safety rules because they feel well-navigated and prepared, however chances are they are the first ones who don’t have all of the correct behaviors down.

The interesting part of the ad is that close to 8 million people viewed without even boarding an actual flight! the video is set in a pretend aircraft and people can easily watch it from home. It is quite engaging with its musical-like character which allows for the important stuff to actually stick to your brain rather than just slide off as is usually the case when we board a plane and tune out!

The clip is directed by John M.Chu, the mind behind the Step-Up movie series and who therefore has quite some experience when it comes to directing dancing beauties! actors were recruited from past editions of TV shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol, which creates a lot of visibility for these talents.

The ad also boasts quite a team of dancers, performers and choreographers who really put in some work to show people a different side to flight-safety! Approximately 15 different dance styles are present within the clip, so all in all I would say its 8 million Youtube hits and close to 600k Facebook shares are well deserved!

Take a look at the behind the scenes for more info! 

*Featured image credit: In Transit blog, New York Times 

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