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This is not the first time I mention that I am a complete sucker for holidays and Christmas is my all time favorite, so I thought I would share something I found to be very special!

In general, Christmas time is when most brands really go all in with their campaigns, bringing to life all sorts of magical settings and making believers out of even the grinchiest people! However, I do believe this year’s top spot goes out to the Canadian airline WestJet, for a truly grandiose initiative which will warm your heart instantly!

The company set up an electronic portal through which their Santa Claus could speak to passengers waiting to board their flight, identifying them by name thanks to the scanner which read boarding passes.

Each passenger was able to have a conversation with Santa and share with him what they hoped to find under their Christmas tree. Needless to say, some passenger really went all in with this part, never in the world imagining that Santa would take them seriously. Little did they know…watch the video and find out why this campaign is truly magical!

In addition, the airline has vowed to donate free flights if the video hits at least 200,00 youtube views …a record clearly widely surpassed considering it is currently standing at nearly 6 million!

Also take a look at why the initiative was done and the hard work that goes behind it, in the sweet words of WestJet’s Vice-President of Communications and Community Relations Richard Bartrem!

Media credit: WestJet and Youtube 

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