Dolls, if you are looking for one hell of a Christmas present to either ask for or give yourselves (and if any guys are taking a look, here is some inspiration!) then look no further!

When it comes to shoes, Giuseppe Zanotti is truly one of my favorite designers and I feel like he just genuinely tries to get his shoes just right in order to make any woman look and feel sexy! On top of that, this is one instance where I’m truly proud of my Italian heritage because I must say, the quality is every inch as killer as the style! the materials are top notch and you can count on these babies to last for ages!

Here is one of the latest arrivals, (featured on the designer’s site if you would like to have more info! which I just cannot get enough of! normally I don’t really do the large and thick ankle bands but in this case I actually really like them since the rest of the shoes is so simple!


The two-tone silver and gold band is obviously the main piece and can light up any simple little black dress for instant glamour! As an alternative, I would definitely use them with a pair of light skinny jeans and loose top for that effortlessly chic look. Also, love the gold detail on the bottom half of the stiletto, kind of gives me a retro/glamour vibe!

zanotti 4 zanotti 2 zanotti 1


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