We all know how iconic the Chanel n.5 fragrance truly is and what is stands for. It is so much more than simply a fragrance, but rather it is recognized as the scent which gave the world a glimpse into the seductive world of a woman.

Conscious of the power of their product, the brand has constantly gone all the way when it comes to advertising the n.1 selling fragrance Р which has women of all ages longing for that timeless class Рand this time they really gave it all they had.

The most precious testimony of the perfume’s worth were of course the famous words pronounced by icon Marilyn Monroe upon being asked what she would wear to go to bed. It is something of inestimable valor for a brand so it is only natural that Chanel is still holding on to this piece of history and its effect on global sales.


Needless to say, we all know what miss Monroe answered! The fragile bombshell replied that all she would wear to bed, were a few drops of N.5, unleashing the fantasies of thousands of listeners and associating her sensuality to the fragrance forever.

Today, Chanel has managed to publish the recordings from that historical interview, cementing all the more N.5’s iconic status and place in history. Take a look at the video to relive the magic of old-style glamour!

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