We were all starting to wonder when her new album would be out, but her 100 (and counting) shows on the Mrs. Carter tour were a good enough reason for us to give the star a breather. But…it wouldn’t quite be Mrs.Carter without the special effects and the surprises, would it? So in true Beyoncé fashion, the star shook the dynamics of the industry by releasing her fifth and self-titled album on i-tunes completely fuss-free!

beyonce album

That’s right, no promotion whatsoever, just her talent and hard work for you to appreciate on 14 new tracks. Her latest work has been defined by miss B as a “visual album” and one meant to capture her fans and allow them to not only hear her voice but  “see her music”, just like she does.

These songs are meant to be heard with the story and vision she had when realizing them, a new way for her fans to feel connected with the inspirational artist. She recalls the different elements that mesmerized her throughout her life, compelling her to make them a part of her project and bring back that intense experience that is unfortunately increasingly distanced from music nowadays. This was the idea behind the unusually quiet release, a straight connection between B and her fans, no intermediaries.

Watch the video to hear the magic behind the album, in B’s words:

The album does in fact come with artistic and carefully choreographed videos for all tracks, to take fans through a visual journey into the world of her royal highness queen B! Sneak peeks for each album are available on Beyoncé’s youtube channel so take a look :) Here are a couple to enjoy!!!

Here is the full tracklist!

01 Pretty Hurts
02 Haunted
03 Drunk In Love [ft. Jay Z]
04 Blow
05 No Angel
06 Partition
07 Jealous
08 Rocket
09 Mine [ft. Drake]
10 XO
11Flawless [ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche]
12 Superpower [ft. Frank Ocean]
13 Heaven
14 Blue [ft. Blue Ivy]

And last but not least, here is a little extra treat for all! Look at the beautiful Alina lingerie set from Agent Provocateur, worn in the video for Haunted by the queen herself! Bow Down B*****s!

beyonce lingerie

So there you have it boys and girls, in the crazy, fast-paced and increasingly frivolous world of entertainment…Miss B changed the rules and proved she’s on top of her game (not to mention gorgeous) – again.


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