Hey loves! Here is a video that really warmed my heart and made me reflect on more than one thing. It features an entire set of musical instruments made from recycled waste, an idea initiated by The Landfill Harmonic in the town of Cateura, Paraguay.

For starters, it reminded me of how talent and creativity really are capable of beating the odds and shining through, despite one’s initial endowment; these kids are enormously talented and their drive is an example for all.

It also reminded me of how much we waste, myself included…of course we all try our best but sometimes I think we lose sight of what it really means, so a little reminder once in a while is always great.

Finally, this project allowed me to reflect on the beauty and strength of matter where they are born, they can make your world a little brighter. I don’t want to get all mushy here, but it truly is what I felt when watching this!

The way I interpreted it, music gives these kids a purpose and a sense of usefulness which I believe and hope will give them strength to respect each other and desire something more for themselves. Overall love the initiative, love the talent, love their smiles and love their energy.

landfill harmonic

Image credit: The Landfill Harmonic 


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