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Just came across something crazy and was dying to share it with you! take a look at this car enthusiast’s (or shall we say fanatic) astonishing result after he set his mind on building his very own supercar! The result? a $5 million McLaren F1 replica made entirely of spare parts. Grand total of the DIY project: $20k….not bad, for that baby!


That’s right, Jacek Mazur from Poland has always had a thing for cars and is a mechanic during his spare time. He’s worked on this particular project for a total of 8 years (enlisting the help of various friends and family members) and has managed to accomplish his goal, after falling in love with the car but coming to terms with the fact he could not afford to purchase one! And hey, on the bright side…you won’t need to be as careful and paranoid about damages, when taking this bombshell out for a stroll!

mclaren 6 mclaren 5 mclaren 4 mclaren 3 mclaren 2

This is not Mazur’s first project of this kind, he is known to have already built his very own Lamborghini Countach as well as a Porsche 911 as a warmup for his latest success. Talk about talent!


Image credits: Robert Nemeti, Barcoft Media. Images originally posted in The Daily Mail. 

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