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Take a look at the gorgeous Adriana Lima (love that smile) and find out just how she gets her body ready for the annual Victoria’s Secret Show! Of course the show is a HUGE deal for any VS model, let alone if you’re one of the legendary and most recognized angels on the runway!

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The annual event has in fact come to symbolize an industry standard for the creative, colorful, sophisticated and playful world of seduction, and being an angel has become one of the most coveted jobs for any model aspiring to take a bite out of international fame.

So how does one get their body in shape to lead this sultry parade on the runway and into the fantasies of everyone watching? Well, if you’re Adriana Lima, the month leading up to the show is probably the most grueling one out of the year! Of course, despite her pregnancies, Adriana already has an extremely fit body all year-round, nonetheless the month before the show is when she really gives it her all to look flawless.

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Her heavy 7 days/week workout routine during those 30 days is not only meant to tone her body but rather to help her gather some extra confidence, according to the model. Exercising is apparently one of her favorite confidence boosters so it is something she does quite willingly. Her favorites are cardio exercises and boxing, to build strength and resistance while defining her body. To prepare for this year’s show, the model even managed to squeeze in a few sessions with none other than Manny Pacquiao!!! Of course it should be noted that Adriana already exercises regularly throughout the rest of the year, and the final 30-day boost is efficient because of that!

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Despite the rigorous training, the bombshell has admitted more than once to having a guilty pleasure or two, namely cupcakes and sweets. Of course, she most likely exercises 3396392572 times as much as we do (definitely more when it comes to me!), in case any of us were wondering why cupcakes don’t seem to have the same effect on her as they do on us haha.

However, always remember that each of us has different endurance levels when it comes to physical fitness and that regimes must be built up little by little in a healthy way and with the help of a professional. Adriana has often encouraged her fans (especially the younger ones) not to replicate her intense regime just because they read about it, but rather to remain fit according to their own needs.

That’s right ladies! while Adriana is smoking hot in her own way, we are all gorgeous and can take care of our bodies in different ways and be smart about it. While it is great to take some inspiration from this idea of regularly exercising to improve our fitness as opposed to unhealthy ways to lose weight, exaggeration is NEVER the key so don’t overwork yourselves.

Last thing: take one good look at that body of yours in the mirror and say “Wow, I’m looking GORGEOUS today!”. That too, is a form of exercise….often harder to master than the physical kind!


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