Hi darlings,

Here is a beautiful initiative I recently came across, which creatively challenges the modern and widely accepted conception of beauty and aesthetics in favor of uniqueness and originality. Everyday we are bombarded with ideals of what we should look like and everyday, regardless of how willing we are to admit it, we are confronted with the discrepancies between that ideal and our reality.

Regardless of our bodies, there will always be some flaw which we feel is distancing us from said ideal, and have been taught to feel inadequate in the presence of such flaws. But what is beauty, really? They say it lies in the eyes of the beholder and is therefore a highly subjective concept as opposed to a standardized and mainstream vision of the human body.

Swiss charity Pro Infirmis dared to challenge this idea of a unified and generalized beauty, creating life-size mannequins modeled on the “imperfect” bodies of people suffering from physical disabilities, as opposed to the typical superhuman bodies we are used to see when shopping for attire. Various volunteers allowed a Pro Infirmis employee to carefully and accurately take their measurements, so as to create the mannequins.

The latter were subsequently placed within different fashion stores, for passers-by to see. The reactions to this “different” kind of beauty were caught on camera by director Alain Gsponer , with some expressing clear uneasiness while others firmly embraced the idea.

I personally applaud the initiative and believe in embracing different forms of beauty, uncovering the details which make each figure special.

So, I gotta ask…what is beauty, to you? 


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