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Back on track with an incredibly eccentric design which has literally amazed me and I swear, I don’t get easily impressed! Right now the project, named The Streets of Monaco, is still in its initial phase and is little more than a concept, but it is still equally thrilling in my opinion! We’re talking about a nearly complete replica of the city-state of Montecarlo…on a BOAT! To make myself a little clearer, I’ve added the most emblematic pictures. Keep reading to learn more about the project!!!

streets of monaco 1As you can tell by this incredibly realistic, computer-generated concept, the entire top floor of the enormous yacht is built to include the most symbolic and recognizable elements of Monaco, namely the Grand Prix circuit, Hotel de Paris, Prince’s Palace, Loews Hotel, La Rascasse and last but not least the Port Hercule…just to make sure nothing important is missing!

The grand prix circuit clearly takes center-stage, being one of the most recognizable assets of the lavish principality. The track is fully operational as a kart racing circuit and can fit up to 3 regular size carts side by side, to ensure guests a thrilling experience!

In case you are already thinking about saving money to purchase this baby…keep in mind that the future queen will cost around an eye-watering £244 million (starting price without customization) to actually build and set free…so you should definitely speed up that saving process!

streets of monaco 2Ok so once you get a load of the entire upper deck and finally manage your way around it, it doesn’t end there! guests will descend into different areas for a smooth transition into the classier and more sophisticated Monaco, for a relaxing and comfortable stay.

Designers at Yacht Island Design truly considered anything you could possibly need and tried to incorporate it in this sophisticated and elaborated concept, which in itself took a whole 6 months to create.

streets of monaco 3 Here are a couple of more shots of the concept, just to keep you up there in dreamland for a few more seconds!

streets of monaco 4

And here is one of the original sketches used to bring the concept to life:

streets of monaco

Ok so, clearly this is a bit of an extravagant project and definitely over the top…however the designers are not only looking at potential private customers but public ones as well, such as cruise lines looking to provide their customers with a new kind of entertainment. Let’s be honest here…who would truly mind spending a couple of days aboard this lady?

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