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Not sure how many of you out there are chocolate lovers but I know I’m addicted so this is one piece of news I just had to share!

The first ever Kit-Kat Boutique has opened in a Tokyo mall in the area of Ikebukuro,¬†after careful research reporting just how much the Asian market went crazy for Nestle’s world famous snack. That’s right! yet another addition to the mono-brand retail format for chocolate snacks (I’m sure you can all think of the lovely M&M shops! getting hungry just mentioning them!)

kitkat 1 kitkat2

Currently, Japan owns the top spot for Kit-Kat consumption but overall the whole world seems to love the chocolate bar, with a staggering 650 bars being devoured every second throughout the globe! 

Here are some of the crazy Kit-Kat flavors that are making everyone in there go absolutely nuts:

– Strawberry cheesecake

– Wasabe

– Red Beans

– Roasted Tea

– Apple and Green Tea

– Rum Raisin

– Cinnamon Cookie

– Purple Potato (yes, you read it correctly)

– Mandarin and Lemon

– Vanilla

– Special Chilli (tailored especially for the Japanese market and unavailable elsewhere)

– Special Sakura Green Tea (tailored especially for the Japanese market and unavailable elsewhere)

I know some of these seem a little wacky but I would definitely go and try all of them!

Enjoy some of these yummy snaps!!!

kitkat9 kitkat8 kitkat7 kitkat6 kitkat5 kitkat4 kitkat3

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