Hi darlings!!!

Just came across a wonderful idea and wanted to share with you, in case you weren’t aware of it!

The Ziferblat¬†might look like a regular cafe at first glance, but in reality it couldn’t be further from it! Drawing inspiration from the 10 original Russian branches, the latest opening in London offers clients a cozy place to stay…at a very interesting price! That’s right, anyone wishing to enjoy a hot cup of tea, pastries, fruit or whichever kind of snack can just step right in.

cafe 2

The price of this tasty pit-stop? well…it depends on how long you stay, not on how much you order and consume! This innovative way to make business has been the talk of town, intriguing Londoners to drop by and see for themselves! Once you step into this curious, home-like space, you are invited to grab one of the few vintage alarm clocks at your disposal, placing it on your table to keep track of the time you spend inside the cafe. As soon as you are ready to leave, regardless of what you ordered, you will be charged a flat rate of 3p/minute or 1.8pounds/hour…nothing more!!!

cafe 1

Besides being a very original and cute idea, this kind of model presents a much deeper concept: the fight to regain social interaction and the idea generation that derives from it, as opposed to losing it in favor of sitting for hours at a place with wifi and interacting with your smartphone alone. People are encouraged to enter Ziferblat the way they would enter a friend’s house…feeling comfortable and ready to share ideas, thoughts and emotions, over a good cup of coffee!

cafe 4

The space also offers a piano for guests to use and allows for all kinds of activities, including dancing, painting, working…whatever you feel like doing at the time. Last but not least, if you have special needs or tastes, you can bring your own snacks from home and use facilities on the premise, such as microwaves, to have your food just the way you like it!

cafe 3

Hope you loved the idea as much as I did! If ever you happen to drop by London and would like to try it out for yourself, here is the address: 388 Old Street, Londra EC1V 9LT. Website:www.ziferblat.net

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